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A published author, copywriter, content strategist, and former college professor, Kori Frazier Morgan's 15-year career in arts & letters has taken her many places.

Based in the Akron, Ohio area, Kori has worked with many writers over the years, including memoirists, poets, novelists, short story writers, journalists, songwriters, children's authors, & more.

She holds a B.A. in creative writing & professional writing from Ohio Northern University & a Master of Fine Arts in fiction writing from West Virginia University.

She is the author of two books, Bone China Girls: A Poetic Account of a Female Crime and The Goodbye-Love Generation: A Novel In Stories, & has appeared in Shenandoah, SN Review, Stories of Yearning, Forge, Switchback, Prick of the Spindle, Scarlet Leaf Review, Blanket Sea, Calla Press, Agape Review, & other national & regional publications. In 2020, she was named a nominee for Best of the Net.

When she isn't writing or helping writers on their journeys, Kori can be found reading, cycling, watching movies, going to live theatre productions, and spending time with her husband, Curtis, her dog, Augustus Waters Morgan, and her two cats, Moe & Anastasia.

Kori's personal mission is to inspire & empower writers to grow in their literary gifts & share the fruit of their talents in the form of completed books, stories, poems, essays, & more.


An independent author, Kori is the founder of Bezalel Media, a publishing imprint that celebrates excellence and skill among authors. Named for the artisan God selected to build the Ark of the Covenant as chronicled by Moses in Exodus 31, it seeks to publish authors who exemplify unique talent and creativity. Both of Kori's books are Bezalel Media's maiden publications.

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Kori is passionate about helping writers reach their full creative potential so they can impact and inspire readers. She does through Inkling Creative Strategies, a subset of Bezalel Media that provides developmental editing, consulting, mentorship, proofreading, and a variety of other services to authors.

​She also offers free resources to writers, including complimentary Zoom meetups and her Ultimate Writing Project Workbook, available as a no-cost download.

Every week, Kori releases a new post in Inkling's blog, Creativity Matters, as well as vibrant content on Instagram, Facebook, and Linked In.

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